The First “Official” Day

You could say that I’ve been a minimalist for a while, but today has been a bit of an obsessive day for me.  I’m not exactly sure how it happened either.  I just know that, out of the 14 hours I have been awake, at least 13 of it has been spent obsessing on how I can get rid of all the shit that I don’t absolutely need.  I’ve been an on and off minimalist for a while, so I’ve already gotten rid of a lot of stuff over the past year, but I find myself wanting more and more to have less and less.  Weird, huh?  Maybe, but I’m okay with it.

So basically, I’m down to 120 things.  This isn’t counting every individual thing I have, because that would be a bit ridiculous, maybe I’ll get to that point someday though.  We’ll see.  For example: I am a student, so all of my class binders count as one item, as do my textbooks.  I feel a little bit like it’s cheating, but I justify it by saying that I will get rid of almost all of these things in about two weeks when school is over.

This post is pretty much just for me to get all of my thoughts down.  I can have a bit of an obsessive personality sometimes and writing is a great relief for me.  The main issue I’ve been having, is with my clothes, if I could sell all of them and start over again, I would.  Well, I guess I can, but I don’t have the balls for it just yet.  I’m realizing, slowly but surely, that minimalism is more of a marathon than a sprint.  As much as I would like to just get rid of nearly everything in one day, at this point in my life, it’s simply not feasible for me.  Plus, doing that might later lead to some major regret.  So, I have made it a goal to get rid of three things per week.  I’ll be updating this post with all of the things that I get rid of.  So, I guess if I’m going to be updating what I get rid of, I should probably post the list of all the things I own.  So, without further adieu, here it is:

1.        Iphone

2.       Laptop, cables, mouse

3.       Printer, cables

4.       Lamp, lightbulbs

5.       Sunglasses (Rayban knockoffs)

6.       Digital Camera (selling)

7.       iPod touch (selling)

8.       Duct tape, electrical tape

9.       Passport/paperwork

10.   Wallet

11.   Keys

12.   pens, lead, hole punch, paperclips

13.   USB

14.   Pocket knife

15.   Medicine Box

16.   Cigar case

17.   Pipe, pipe cleaner

18.   Batteries

19.   Printer paper

20.   Class binders

21.   Thank you notes

22.   Books (purple pilgrim, TAGR, TCFF,

23.   Scottrade folder

24.   Teacher Admissions folder

25.   WFL folder

26.   Sidney folder

27.   Accordion folder

28.   Shower flip flops

29.   Sperry’s

30.   White Nikes

31.   Black dress shoes

32.   Sanuks

33.   Vibram FiveFingers

34.   Slippers

35.   Rainbow flip flops

36.   Jiu Jitsu Gi

37.   Navy blue polo

38.   Blue and white striped button up shirt

39.   Checkered blue button up

40.   Checkered blue button up (Hollister)

41.   Purple button up

42.   Black and gray express button up

43.   Red and white American Eagle button up

44.   Blue button up

45.   White and purple button up

46.   Columbia fleece

47.   Gray polo

48.   White button up

49.   Cool black jacket

50.   Zoo York Hoodie

51.   Red Fiji long sleeve shirt

52.   Nike hoodie

53.   Suit

54.   Backpack (Futura 28)

55.   Nalgene bottle

56.   Agenda

57.   Textbooks

58.   Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant

59.   Q-tips

60.   Lotion, moisturizer, acne stuff

61.   Shave oil, razors, cologne

62.   Mirror

63.   Clippers

64.   Cutoff shirt

65.    Cutoff shirt

66.   Cutoff shirt

67.   Cutoff shirt

68.   Cutoff shirt

69.   T shirt

70.   T shirt

71.   T shirt

72.   T shirt

73.   Tank top

74.    Thermal shirt

75.    Thermal shirt

76.    Blue and gray striped polo

77.   Green long sleeve homecoming shirt

78.   Gray button up

79.   Parkway drive t shirt

80.   Fiji purple t shirt

81.   American Eagle Khakis

82.   Urban up khakis

83.   Chino Khakis

84.   Red white and blue checkered button up shirt

85.   Basketball shorts

86.   Basketball shorts

87.   Basketball shorts

88.   Basketball shorts

89.   11 pairs of underwear

90.   1 pair of compression shorts

91.   1 pair of swimming trunks

92.   Sweatpants

93.   1 pair of blue jeans

94.   Blue long sleeve collared shirt

95.   Khaki shorts

96.   Orange Khaki shorts

97.   Cargo shorts

98.   Bag of socks

99.   Two pots

100.   One pan

101.    1 plate

102.     1 bowl

103.    coffee mug

104.   1 fork

105.    fork

106.   1 spoon

107.    1 butter knife

108.    Iron

109.  Fridge

110.   Microwave

111.   Supplements

112.    Boxing gear

113.   Comforter

114.    Comforter

115.  Pillow, pillowcase

116.   Stuffed bear

117.  1 toboggan

118.   Protein shaker bottle

119.   TV Cable

120.   Umbrella

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